Mar James Pazhayattil put forth an inspiring thought that the diocese of Irinjalakuda should start a hospital with all facilities to deliver better health care and medical aid at affordable rates for the benefit of people of all religion with a special purpose to help the poorest of the poor thus, joining the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. From its very inception, this hospital stands as the symbol of delivering better health care to the people of this locality irrespective of cast, creed, religion and language.

With the purpose of helping the poor, the Hospital Trust decided to give necessary concessions in its health care mission. A patient in the general ward who undergoes surgery in the operation theatre, irrespective of his or her age gets 25% concession in the operation bill. Citizens above 65 years of age is automatically eligible to get half of the consultation charge and full free nursing care in the general ward and half of the nursing care charges in the room. Special considerations are given to many poor patients other than these types of concessions.

The hospital has two schemes as follows to look after the poorest of the poor.–

Life Saving Mission to save the lives of patients who are brought here for emergency management. It has the able guidance of Dr. Manoj T.K. MD, Dip NB (Neuro). Under the scheme the hospital assist the patients financially and medically.

Renal Care Mission arranges free dialysis to the poor patients. The Mission takes care of the financial burden of the patients to a large extent. The executive committees and general body of these organizations represent all cross section of the people of Chalakudy and other surrounding areas.

Both the above schemes are run by the contributions and donations received from friends and well-wishers. The funds are received on the occasion of:

  1. To remember wedding anniversary
  2. Birthdays
  3. Days of special remembrance in honor of parents / friends etc.
  4. Church / Temple / Mosque / Festival
  5. Donations from social clubs.