Now a day Ayurveda become more popular and a hopeful solution for many health problems, where degenerative diseases are increasing day by day due to the change of lifestyle. Ayurveda division was started in 2005, we provide genuine and sincere service in the field of ayurveda. Our Motto is ‘ We trust in god and the hand use us for healing’.
In Ayurveda treatment of diseases are classified into “Shodhana (treatment by purifying the body)” and “shamana (pacifying or palliative treatment)”. Shodhana Chikitsa in Ayurveda is termed as Panchakarma. It is a curative line of treatment for to eliminate the vitiated doshas which helps the cure of disease and complete prevention.

The five methods or procedures (Pancha means five and karma means therapy)

  • Vamana Karma (Medical Emesis therapy)
  • Virechana Karma (Medication Purgation therapy)
  • Vasti Karma (Medicinal Enema therapy)
  • Nasya Karma (Nasal therapy)
  • Rakthamoksha (Blood letting therapy)

Our Specialities and services

  • Back Pain Clinic : treatment and management of back pain, IVDP, Spondylitis, Degeneration Disc Disease etc.
  • Headache Clinic : treatment and management of Migraine, Sinus headache, Cluster headache etc.
  • Allergy Clinic : treatment and management of Allergic asthma, Rhinitis, Allergic Skin disease, Eczema etc.
  • Mental health clinic : treatment and management of Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Alcoholic Dependence etc
  • Life Style Clinic : treatment and management of Diabetic Neuropathy, Dyslipidaemia, Obesity, PCOD, Infertility etc.
We provide and promotes Seasonal detoxification programmes and Rejuvenation packages, Special body massage and Speacial kizhi for severe inflammatory condition can be done as OP basis treatment. All panchakarma treatments are done under expertise supervision of experienced doctors and staff.


  • Dr. Sreekumar MD, Ph.D

    Dr. Sreekumar MD, Ph.D

  • Dr. George Leon BAMS & ND

    Dr. George Leon BAMS & ND