The Department of General Medicine has become a regional centre of excellence in the treatment of complicated medical disorders. The presence of all the major subspecialties enables the department to provide comprehensive care to a patient with multiple problems without fragmentation of care and with the ability to optimize medical treatment, thus improving quality of life. The Department has a host of facilities such as well-equipped Medical Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Unit with advanced facilities for the management of common Medical Emergencies.

Clinical Facilities/ Services/ Procedures:

  • Fully equipped Medical Intensive Care Unit with Ventilator facilities
  • Diabetic Care centre
  • Specially trained treatment of all types of poisoning including organophosphorous, over dosage of drugs etc.
  • Specialized Services in Communicable Disease: Dengue, Leptospirosis etc,
  • Medical Intensive Care, High dependency intensive care
  • Evaluation of PUO
  • Evaluation and treatment of multi-system diseases
  • Critical Care Unit and Services for Medical Emergencies
  • Diagnosis, treatment and follow up of diabetes, blood pressure, lipid disorders, etc.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases
  • Emphasis on Prophylaxis including adult vaccination
  • Comprehensive Health Checkup


  • Dr. M.V.Mathew M.D

    Dr. M.V.Mathew M.D

  • Dr. V.T Thomas M.D

    Dr. V.T Thomas M.D

  • Dr. C. Sanil M.D

    Dr. C. Sanil M.D