Homoeopathy is a therapeutic method formulated according to the rule “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTER “, that means ‘Let likes be treated by likes’. Medicines selected upon this plan are administered in single and minute doses. This medicine will care the disease mildly, rapidly and permanently.
Homoeopathy treatment is relatively cheap and effective , the medicines are prescribed considering the physical as well as the mental make up of a patient . There is relatively no side effects.
There is a false belief that it is a treatment for children. But homoeopathy is excellent for all age groups, and many types of acute as well as chronic diseases.
There are also prophylactic medicines for Jaundice , Measles , Mumps, chickenpox, conjunctivitis, viral fever chikkungunya, dengue fever etc.
Homoeopathy in St. James hospital started 8 years back. Here we have a full fledged out patient department and we use German made medicines


  • Dr. Preena Sunil BHMS

    Dr. Preena Sunil BHMS