Department is lead by experienced and expert Urologists and has made its mark in the last few years as a leading urologic department. This department is very well equipped with sophisticated equipments and aims at providing advanced care at an affordable cost. Progressive outlook and constant up gradation keeps this department at the forefront of urology care.

Specialities & Services

  • Supported by well-equipped surgical intensive care unit(SICU)


  • Cystourethro/resectoscope to diagnose and treat Stricture Urethra, BPH and Bladder Tumors
  • Trans-Urethral Resection of Prostate, Bladder Neoplasm (TURP, TURBT)
  • Visual Urethrotomies for Strictures, Bladder Neck Incision (BNI)

    Stone Management

  • Ureterorenoscope and Lithoclast in the Management of Ureteric Calculus.
  • Cystolitholapaxy , Cystolithomy.

    Operative procedures and Uro-Oncology

  • Open Operative Urological Procedures of Kidney, Ureter, Bladder, Prostate and Urethra for Benign and Malignant Lesions : Nephrectomy, prostatectomy, cystectomy etc.
  • Procedures of upper tract reconstructive including pyloplasty

    Paediatric Urology

  • Congenital Malformation Correction: Pelvi-ureteric Junction Obstruction, Un-descended Testis, Hypospadias.

    Andrology Services

  • Male Infertility Management
  • Evaluation and Management of Erectile Dysfunction and Varicocelectomy and Vasal Recanalisation.

    Neuro-Urology Services

  • Evaluation and management of Cystocele, Stress Urinary Incontinenc ,TVT/ TOT procedures for SUI.


  • Dr. Venuchandran MS, MCh (Surg.)

    Dr. Venuchandran MS, MCh (Surg.)

  • Dr. Peter Alappatt MS, MCh

    Dr. Peter Alappatt MS, MCh